For any social event or gathering, the most important aspect of it is to look good and feel good. And what better way to do so than to pamper yourself with fashionable, affordable jewelry? Today, DiamondsInTheLibrary will show us how!

There’s nothing like a major pair of statement earrings for pure exuberance: they’re just so unapologetically fun. And I don’t know about you, but fun and happy is what I need in the winter.

Here are three pairs of party earrings ready to take you through all your winter holiday needs (even if the “party” is just you, a mug of spiked hot chocolate, and some Mariah Carey). And I know this time of year is hard on the wallet, so we’re keeping everything under $300 today.

Two pairs of statement earrings from Lady Grey. Perfect for the winter holiday season!

I love me some long, linear party earrings. As a shorty (I’m almost 5′ 3″) I always love an accessory that makes me feel like I have a greater vertical reach. Here are two badass pairs from Lady Grey.

These babies both hit the same note of large in scale but still restrained enough to feel elegant. It’s a very sexy balance.

The fabulous Andromeda star earrings by We Dream in Colour. These major statement earrings are 4.5 inches long!

These party earrings are by We Dream in Colour, and they’re the pair here that feel the most “winter holiday” to me. Stars are one of my favorite motifs to turn to for winter holiday symbols that feel seasonally appropriate without necessarily alienating anyone based on their religious holiday of choice.

What makes these badass is that they’re huge: a full 4.5 inches long. Measure 4.5 inches on a piece of paper and then hold that up to your ear. It’s HUGE. And so awesome.

Want one more? Of course you do!

The Castara earrings by We Dream in Colour. Major statement earrings at a friendly price point.

These abstract beauties are also by We Dream In Color. These are not at all my usual sort of thing, but I adore them. They’re bold and curved and unexpected and I want to wear them with brightly colored coats.

Attention gift givers: party earrings are one of my favorite jewelry gifts because they’re so indulgent/impractical. It’s always fun to give someone something that they might feel is too much of a guilty pleasure to buy for themselves. It’s still Hanukkah and you have a couple of weeks until Christmas, so take note.


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