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Handmade jewelry has become very popular in recent years, with the personal attention and care incorporated into every handmade piece infusing it with a feeling of uniqueness and individuality. Understanding the special features of a quality handmade jewelry design can help you appreciate the beauty and investment that such pieces can represent, and these five attributes of handmade jewelry designs are among the most distinctive.

Hands-On Craftsmanship

Sterling Sand Cocktail Ring - Handmade Jewelry Designs

The biggest distinction between mass-produced jewelry design and the handmade jewelry process is the amount of hands-on craftsmanship involved. At Dune Jewelry, every piece we make has been worked on by the hands of one of our talented craftspeople. This level of care results in a design that is thoughtful and makes a statement, such as with our striking Sterling Sand Cocktail Ring.

Significant Time Investment

Sterling Silver Driftwood Bracelet - Handmade Jewelry Designs

Every piece of quality handmade jewelry requires a significant time commitment, from the initial design through the actual crafting of the finished item. Because of the time invested, many high-quality handmade jewelry designs have elegant details that mass-produced pieces lack, such as with the organic curves of our Sterling Silver Driftwood Bracelet.

Locally Made by the Artisans Involved in the Design

Adjustable Sterling Sea Fan Drop Necklace - Handmade Jewelry Designs

Jewelry that is crafted and constructed locally by the same artisans who were involved in the design process ends up resulting in a design that is personal and meaningful both to the jeweler and the wearer. Artfully designed pieces such as our adjustable Sterling Sea Fan Drop Necklace highlight this quality.

Credits: https://dunejewelry.com/blog/handmade-jewelry-designs-unique-features/

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