Today, we will be following the story of MORPHÉE JOAILLERIE, a french jeweler,  and find out the inspiration behind her jewelry: A Jeweled Dreamworld.

Spring is just around the corner and the custom-made jewels of Morphée Joaillerie capture nature’s reawakening to perfection. With a showroom located on the grand Avenue de l’Opéra in Paris, the young jewelry brand was launched last year by Belgian-native Pamela Hastry, who previously worked in design and development for a number of international jewelry brands.

Morphee_PHastry 2

Pamela Hastry, founder of and creative mind behind Morphée Joaillerie

Following her passion for jewelry, Ms. Hastry made her dream come true with Morphée, which translates to Morpheus in English and is the God of dreams in Greek mythology. As if straight out of one’s dreams, her debut collection combines artistry, elegance and natural whimsy with pieces that appear to blossom in front of your eyes. Delicate in design and meticulously handcrafted, each piece grasps the natural beauty of life’s fleeting moments.

Morphée The Cherry Blossom Ring

Morphée The Cherry Blossom Ring
Diamonds, sapphires and pink opals set in 18k pink gold

A budding twig of cherry blossoms twirls around the finger or curls about the ear, the body becoming a virtual extension of the verdant sapling’s blooms. Set with rosy pink sapphires and sweet pink opals in rose gold, the blossoms burst with vibrant color reminiscent of springtime.

Morphée The Flight Ring

Morphée The Flight Ring
A swallow set with diamonds and sapphires in 18k white gold

The dream world continues as sapphire-studded swallows sweetly chirp the coming of spring while perched upon a white gold branch ring. Emerald grape vines crawl up the ear and weave through fingers while a pavé diamond butterfly flutters about the neck in strands of Akoya pearls. As the dreamworld turns to night, a constellation of diamond stars awaits the countless wishes made upon them in the twinkling night sky.

Morphée Millésime

Morphée Millésime (or ‘Vintage’ in English) ‘Between-the-Finger’ Ring
Emeralds, tsavorites and grey pearled nacre set in 18k yellow gold

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