To draw inspiration for your jewelry fit, we feel we can only get inspiration from the best. Today, we will share with you Nadia Morgenthaler’s masterpieces and hopefully you can find inspiration in her creative pieces which mould the past, present and future.

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Blending the past, present and future, Nadia Morgenthaler creates timeless jewels with a contemporary feel for today’s 21st century woman. Her stunning creations are a poetic fusion of time, where old-fashioned techniques of a bygone era meet richly detailed, conceptualized designs. In December 2013, Nadia launched her own brand after creating jewelry for a number of other jewelers for over 20 years.Based in Geneva, she is a rarity in the world of jewelry, being both a highly-skilled master jeweler and a visionary designer. After completing her studies at the École d’Arts Appliqués in Geneva, Nadia spent five years on the workbench to acquire the technical know-how provided by the master jeweler Philips Bonet in his workshop in Geneva. Then, after two years designing for Chopard, she realized her passion lay in not only the designing of jewelry but in the creation process as well. Following this passion, she joined the renowned workshop Arts Fusion SA in Geneva who specializes in hand-crafting high-end pieces for a variety of clients, from renowned small designers to preeminent jewelry houses.Since becoming director of that workshop in 2009, Nadia seized this rare opportunity to build her own fine jewelry brand in house. All the while, the ardent jeweler juggles a number of responsibilities with seemingly effortless facility, continuing to work on other designers’ pieces as well as managing the workshop simultaneously.

BO Spinels mauve et gouttes tourmalines_2

A Pair of Natural Pearl, Tourmaline, Spinel and Diamond Ear Pendants by Nadia Morganthaler

For five years, Nadia meticulously worked on her brand, its image and the jewelry whenever her workshop’s schedule allowed. Such diligent devotion clearly demonstrates just how deep her love of jewelry runs. Every aspect of the brand, from concept to launch, bears her personal point of view as she worked side-by-side with her graphic artist, website designer and everyone else along the way.

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Where Nadia’s aesthetic is most apparent is, of course, in her jewelry. When she finally unveiled her brand last December, her first collection is comprised of nearly a dozen pieces that define her unique artistry and commitment to perfection. A seamless amalgam of motifs from the past, such as the romantic lines of the Belle Époque or the luxurious aura of the Maharajas, the present, and a touch of the future characterize her creations.

Details of daily life, like the columns of a building or the majestic contours of a wrought iron gate, spark a three-dimensional idea in her head. As time passes, the kernel of a vision evolves into an intricate miniature construction, as she calls it, which she then translates into reality. The result is a piece of jewelry that is uncompromising and exceptional – not a single millimeter is left undesigned.

Find out more about her inspiring works at this website.


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